General Construction & Concrete/Structural Repair

General Construction

1.Turnkey Projects
2.Marine Works
3.Industrial Plant

Structural / Concrete Repair

1.Carbon Fibre Strengthening
2.Cathodic Protection
3.Bridge Jacking & Prefabricated bridge expansion joints.
4.Mold & Pumping Concrete Jacketing
6.Concrete Injection(Wires & Blades Saw)

Specialities Works

1.Insulation, Waterproofing and Sealant
2.Industrial Flooring, Topping and surfaces hardeners, Resinous flooring, Epoxy Mortar Screed, Epoxy and polyurethane Coating.
3.Leakage repair, Tank repairs
4.Super flat flooring
5.Soil Grouting & Soil Stabilization
6.Fire Protection & Safety System